About Full Life

Full Life Counseling & Recovery exists to provide professional services to individuals and families affected by self-destructive behavior such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, medication misuse, self-injury, or process addictions.

Full Life counselors seek to guide individuals and families through the maze of treatment providers, through the change process during treatment, and along the long-term path towards sustainable, joyful recovery.

We invite each individual to pursue life to the fullest — without the burden of addiction, despair or fear holding you back. Full Life Counseling is here to serve and support each individual and their family so that they may achieve their own definition of “a full life.” But just like the fingerprint, each individual is unique. It’s your definition of a full life that matters most of all.


Full Life Counseling was founded in 2008 because founder Ginny Mills became aware of several families whose need for services was tragically complicated by the family’s’ need for privacy. As they loved and tried to support the person affected by alcohol or drugs, they did so in silence and virtually alone.

Having dedicated  20+ years to helping others, Ginny elected to focus the remainder of her career on helping individuals and families achieve their own definition of “a full life” with the belief that a full life can only be achieved when our lives are free from addiction, despair and fear.