Full Life Transitions

Full Life Transitions is our clinically-supported sober living program for adults (20 years of age or older) who have successfully completed addiction treatment.

Residents are required to participate in the following activities weekly:

  • Clinical services provided by licensed and certified clinicians (a portion of which may reimbursable by insurance). 10+ hrs/wk in Phase 1 with decreasing amounts in Phase 2 and 3
  • Participate in either Full Life’s Intensive Outpatient Program or another IOP in the area
  • Attend a least 6 AA or NA meetings per week
  • Engage with a sponsor and complete stepwork
  • Engage in 15+ hours of work/volunteerism/school per week
  • Engage in sober fun and fitness activities both with the community and individually
  • Participate in weekly community group
  • Share in the preparation, enjoyment and clean up for weekly community meals

Minimum Length of Stay: 6 months
Maximum Length of Stay: 2 years

Services Included

Our All-Inclusive Transitional Program includes:

  • Supervised recovery residency with others in recovery
  • On-site face-to-face support and monitoring by our recovery coaching team 7 days a week and access to recovery and mental health crisis support 24 hours a day.
  • Premium residential accommodations in one of our 4 residences located at Hillcrest Town Center (Summergate House, Stratford at Hillcrest Apartments, or Eagle Creek Condominiums)
  • Weekly individual therapy, and participation in either Full Life’s Intensive Outpatient Program or an approved IOP in the area
  • Morning meditation group Monday-Friday
  • Evening 10th Step at 10PM inventory
  • Weekly recovery coaching and recovery planning sessions
  • Weekly medication oversight sessions
  • Weekly community group & meal
  • Breathalyzer and/or urine drug testing at least 3x/week
  • All coaching services and drug testing included in monthly fee.

As residents establish firm recovery practices and have achieved all goals of Phase 1, the number of professional counseling services and associated fees goes down with the progression to Phase 2, but the amount of recovery coaching, monitoring and crisis support doesn’t.

Fees and Insurance

Non-refundable Application Fee $500
1st Month of Phase 1 $2,100
2nd Month of Phase 1 $2,100
3rd Month of Phase 1 $2,100
1st Month of Phase 2 $1,900
2nd Month of Phase 2 $1,900
3rd Month of Phase 2 $1,900
Young Adult Supplement* $1000
Young Adult Supplement is required for 20-28 year old clients. This goes towards the resident’s Sober Fun activities while they’re with FLT. 

Special Financing

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How it Works

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  • Full Life can accept you into any of the below programs once you have been approved!

Applicable Programs