AFTER REHAB: Making Sense out of Aftercare Recommendations to Avoid Relapse

Full Life has begun offering an exciting new opportunity for family members, patients and others interested in better understanding aftercare recommendations following discharge from rehab. We are pleased to offer this free, interactive webinar event every Sunday night at 7:30pm EST.

AFTER REHAB:  Making Sense Out of Aftercare Recommendations to Avoid Relapse — Sundays at 7:30 pm EST

Primary treatment counselors are always eager to help patients in early recovery have the best chance for sustaining progress made during treatment by making recommendations for aftercare. Those options —- sober living, extended care, IOP, monitoring services, 90-in-90 — are often foreign to family members who have their own challenges and concerns.
We recognize that often family members are the most important players in determining whether or not patients follow aftercare recommendations! Why? Because patients are prone to underestimate how much support they’ll need in early recovery, and if family members do the same, then it’s easy for families to undermine the recommendations by agreeing with the patient.
On the other hand, if patients do understand their needs for extraordinary support in early recovery but family members do not, then there’s a different kind of problem. I’ve heard family members say things like, “Look. He’s had a 28-day vacation, and I need him home being a husband, father and breadwinner. He needs to pray more, go to church and be with his family. That’s what he needs to do to stay clean and sober, not go to more of those meetings.” This family member demonstrates sincere needs but a devastating lack of understanding about addiction, recovery and the need for aftercare in early recovery.
Please register to participate in this important free, interactive opportunity and/or share it with others who could benefit. Together, we hope to help more people opt in for aftercare services that can radically reduce relapse risks and improve the likelihood of helping each new graduate from treatment have a real opportunity to experience a full life in recovery!
To register, send an email to Jimmy Tunstall to request a registration link. Jimmy can answer questions, provide the registration link and share more about Full Life services for families preparing for discharge.

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