Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who does Full Life Counseling serve?

A: Full Life Counseling serves middle-income families needing services for problems with alcohol, medication, drug use and other self-destructive behaviors. There are many options available for the very wealthy and very poor, but middle-income families often feel like they have nowhere to turn. Typically, these families have strong relationships, professional success, prominence and respect in their communities. We offer specialized programs serving impaired professionals whether or not they are under contract with a professional monitoring organization. Often no one would ever know that their lives are affected by substance abuse. Full Life Counseling exists to be a part of the solution for such families.

Q: What if I’m not really sure that the person I love has a substance abuse problem?

A: The Safe Use Check-Up is a great way to find out if there’s reason for concern. It is true that not everyone who experiences problems due to alcohol, medications or drugs has a problem. But everyone who ever developed a problem had opportunities along the way to change the course. If you or someone you love is on the road to alcoholism or addiction, it is better to know sooner than later.

Q: I’d love for you to do a program for us. Do you do programs for churches, civic clubs or classes?

A: Yes. Some examples of past programs are: “Faith, Families & Addiction;” “Recognizing Adolescent Substance Abuse;” “Substance Abuse Family Education;” “Older Adults & Addiction,” and “How Discomfort Changes Families.” Please call for more information.

Q: I’m terrified to ask for help, but I’m just as terrified to do nothing! The person I love thinks I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but it’s tearing me apart! How could Full Life Counseling help me?

A: Sometimes one of the healthiest things you can do is get help for yourself, even if your loved one is not ready to accept help. If you believe that the person you love could be in danger of experiencing serious life consequences due to substance abuse, it may be time for a structured intervention to help encourage them to choose life and recovery over continued self-destruction. Full Life Counseling provides counseling for family members and intervention services.

Q: For years I’ve been begging the person I love to stop drinking or get help. How can Full Life Counseling help if he/she will not accept help?

A: Many people believe that you can’t help a person who hasn’t “hit bottom,” but at Full Life Counseling, we believe that earlier intervention is possible. When families are able to unite and approach the person with a solid plan for recovery and an outpouring of love, it is possible to avoid years of unhappiness and devastation. That’s how a Full Life Counseling intervention using the Love First model can make all the difference.

Q: We’ve caught our teenager in a few situations involving alcohol or drugs. How do I know whether this is just typical teenage experimentation or something to be worried about?

A: Our clinical staff has extensive experience working with adolescents and their families. Frankly, it is rare for young people to get all the way through adolescence without experimenting with alcohol, drugs or both. It’s also rare that they get caught the first time they experiment. While it’s true that substance use is often part of an overall pattern of acting out behavior, we also know that teen addiction develops much faster than addiction in adults due to brain development. So prompt attention to serious problems could be essential. A Safe Use Check-Up at Full Life is a great way to find out whether or not to be afraid and, if so, what to do about it.

Q: I hate to admit it, but I really do not want to be seen going into a place that offers counseling services. How can Full Life Counseling help me?

A: The Full Life Counseling office serving the Triad region is located on Mar Don Drive just off Jonestown Road in Winston Salem. Our office is tucked in behind Oso Eats restaurant and the entrance faces away from Mar Don and is accessible from our private parking lot. Nevertheless, some people just prefer “house calls,” and Full Life Counseling can accommodate those needs as well – even if you live outside of Forsyth County. Special rates apply.

Q: Couldn’t I just call you and have counseling on the phone? What about counseling on-line?

A: Phone and virtual counseling are viable options in some cases. Generally, at least one face-to-face session is required though. Billing arrangements must be made in advance. A free phone consultation is available upon request. Please call for information.

Q: What if all I really want is to get my teenager drug-tested every now and then?

A: Although it is preferred that those seeking drug testing services be receiving other Full Life Counseling services, this is not a requirement at our Winston-Salem office. Drug testing can be one of the most powerful tools in the parent toolbox. Full Life Counseling uses Redwood Toxicology Labs for highly reliable results at a fraction of the cost of local testing services and much more reliable results than those from drug-testing kits purchased from a drug store or online.

Q: What if our loved one lives in another state? Will you go there for an intervention?

A: Yes, Full Life Counseling will meet you and your family in any safe location for all services. Special rates apply, including travel expenses and travel time.