“He worked on his recovery, I worked on mine”: Parent to Parent Resumes Next Week!

Parent to Parent

It isn’t easy to watch your child suffer through substance use disorder. It can be just as hard, if not harder, to not have a safe place to share the intense emotions that come with that experience. This is a family disease and we have known that for a long time. The pain and desperation that those who use substances experience touches the lives of those who love them the most. That’s why we started our Parent to Parent group – to create a place for people to share their stories without judgement, to learn about this disease, and to find hope in this midst of trials. In short, parents get to spend an hour and a half together each week with other people who understand what they’re going through. This time, though, we’ve improved our Parent to Parent group to include an educational component to help families get a better grasp on what they’re dealing with.


 This round of Parent to Parent will be an eight week group that will meet every Thursday, beginning June 2 at 6pm. The first forty-five minutes will consist of education from our Clinical Director, Ginny Mills, MAEd, LPC, LCAS. Ginny is the Founder of Full Life Counseling, which opened in 2009 to give counsel and hope to those who suffer from substance use disorder and their families. With twenty five years of counseling experience, Ginny has the compassion and experience parents seek to help guide them through this process. A participant in the last session of Parent to Parent had this to say about her experience:

      “I am so very thankful to have connected with Full Life Counseling’s Parent to Parent support group! Several years ago when my son was struggling with alcohol and substance use disorder, the love and concern that I received during the Thursday night sessions helped me look more objectively at the situation and focus on what my role needed to be during his recovery. I think the most important thing I learned was that, although his behavior & actions were often difficult to ignore, I had my own set of unhealthy habits that desperately needed attention! While he worked on his recovery, I worked on mine – today, he’s a healthy and happy adult…and I am a very proud and grateful mom!”

We are really looking forward to this session of Parent to Parent and the ways in which the restructure will provide even more benefit to the community. The educational portion of the group will follow a structure to help parents better understand what’s happening in the life of their child who is suffering and how they can equip themselves for success. Here’s the plan:

Week One: “How Did We Get Here?” Experimentation Takes a Left Turn
Week Two: Brain Basics: The Teen Brain and Substances
Week Three: Balancing Boundaries and Compassion
Week Four: Reasonable Limits and Rewards
Week Five: Protecting Your Adult Relationships
Week Six: Self Care: Parent to Parent, Al-Anon, CRAFT
Week Seven: Planning for the Crisis
Week Eight: The Family in Recovery 

We are confident that parents in Winston-Salem will continue to find support and hope from this group of strong people who come together each week! Join us, see if it’s for you, and give us your feedback! We hope to see you there and you’re welcome to call our office if you have any questions in the meantime! 336-923-7526

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