What is an Aftercare-Specific Intensive Outpatient Program?

Full Life IOP.blogCounseling recognizes that when people complete residential treatment they will have (hopefully!) learned a great deal about addiction and how to stay sober. That said, many IOP’s are alternatives to residential treatment. But for clients who have already completed residential treatment, hearing the same information they learned in treatment can feel redundant. The clinical staff at Full Life wanted to create an IOP that will take the foundation given to clients in treatment and build upon it to strengthen that foundation with more tools to prevent relapse and improve the likelihood that clients experience sustainable, full lives in recovery.
We invite you to read our Clinical Director, Ginny Mills’, blog post about the opening of the IOP and the clients who would most benefit from participating! Click here to read now!


When Does the Intensive Outpatient Program Meet?

The Full Life Counseling IOP meets on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday from 6:00-9:00. Individual counseling is included and will be scheduled outside of IOP hours. The IOP group lasts for 12 weeks!

What Exactly Happens in the Intensive Outpatient Program?

We’ll be focusing the Full Life IOP on key elements that we recognize as essential to sustaining recovery while living “in the real world.” Whether living in a sober living environment, living back with family or living independently, our attention to these specific focus areas can help improve the likelihood of sustaining long-term recovery:

  • Relapse Prevention – identification of personal relapse warning signs and specific solutions to address them to prevent relapse when they occur (because we know they will)
  • DBT Skills – learning to apply specific skills to improve distress tolerance, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and mindfulness
  • Meditation Skills training – instruction, practice and measurement of progress with the Muse, a mini-neurofeedback device provided to program participants
  • Rehab Review – mini-lectures with group discussion on important themes that are worth repeating and others that are very specific to learning how to live recovery in community
  • Process Group – open-floor groups to share, get support and constructive feedback for dealing with “life on life’s terms” as clients attempt to apply recovery principles in all their affairs
  • Multi-family Group – once monthly groups that bring families and clients together to continue exploring ways to help or hinder each other in recovery
  • Random urine drug testing – because sometimes testing is the only thing that stops some folks from deciding to take that one drink or pop that first pill. If it stops them tonight, then they can process it in their next group with gratitude that they chose not to use.
  • Individual therapy – so often IOPs do not include individual therapy, but we believe that it is essential to make a meaningful connection with a therapist to be a part of the step-up continuum of care. It offers the forum for processing issues clients prefer not to discuss in groups, an opportunity to develop a deep connection with a therapist who can be there for the long-haul, and someone to help coordinate referrals if additional care is needed.
  • Referrals for Supplementary Care when needed: because sometimes there’s additional therapeutic work that needs to happen to help the healing continue. Our in-house and local clinical partners are great resources for recovery-friendly psychiatry, Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, couple’s counseling, EFT/tapping, equine-assisted psychotherapy, acupuncture, massage, yoga and others.

How Much Does it Cost & How is it Different than Other IOP’s?

We invite you to click through this two page document and compare Full Life’s IOP to other IOP’s in the area. We have tremendous respect for the other IOP’s we collaborate with for clients who need to file with their insurance and welcome you to see how we are alike and how we are different! The second page includes pricing – simply click the arrow in the bottom left hand corner to go to the next page!

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