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Last year’s participation in the Moments of Change conference in Florida yielded an unexpected outcome. Rob Waggener, CEO of the Foundations Recovery Network and co-sponsor of the event, approached Ginny Mills, FLC Clinical Director, about joining the Foundations Recovery Network team of interventionist. As part of the arrangement, all interventionists are interviewed to share their perspective and philosophy about intervention and recovery. Although the video was recorded at the conference in September, 2013, the final product took a while to make it to the internet. We hope you’ll take some time to view the video and share the link with others who may still be suffering.

You can learn more about Ginny Mills, interventionist on the video at:
You can learn more about the Foundations Recovery Network at:
You can learn more about the Moments of Change conference at:
And of course, you can learn more about Full Life interventions at:
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