Intervention is best described as the experience of surrounding a loved one with support and encouragement from those who love them most. The goal is to help them accept treatment as well as begin the journey of recovery. We want that person to become aware of the ways in which their problem is affecting others, themselves and their future. Hopefully, with a new understanding, the person will choose to accept the gift and opportunity of treatment to help them begin the journey of recovery.

Full Life Counseling believes that it’s best to intervene with love and respect. This helps the person preserve their dignity while still encouraging them to choose health and recovery. The 5 key parts of Intervention are:

  • The family team teaching the interventionist about the person they love, and the interventionist teaching the family team about intervention.
  • Treatment matching and planning.
  • Intervention session to share with the person the family teams’ love, concern and encouragement for treatment.
  • Transport to treatment and assistance with the admission process.
  • 2-3 follow-up sessions with the family team during the treatment process, just prior to discharge and soon after discharge.

While intervention does require intense planning, the process can be completed within 5-14 days of the initial inquiry phone call.

The following documents that can be helpful in preparing for an intervention: