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Increasing On-Site Support

At Full Life we believe that those best suited to help a newcomer in recovery is someone who has been in their shoes. When one can relate to the feelings of someone who is new to a life of sobriety, the boundaries which separate those who would otherwise share little in common fall away with ease. That is why the Full Life staff relies so heavily on the experience, strength, and hope of our own staff in recovery! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer our clients the support of someone who truly has “been there.” Enter – Charlie Lawson.


Full Life Counseling is growing, both in spirit and in staff. As we continue to learn more about what helps our clients succeed in early sobriety, we realized we needed to make some changes. When a newcomer to our community has 30 days of sobriety they need as much support as we can muster. So, we decided adding a male recovery coach would offer a new level of support for clients. We welcome Charlie in with open arms as a new Recovery Coach!  With him he brings tremendous hope for his clients’ success, enthusiasm for recovery, and support for the days that seem overwhelming.

A Winston-Salem native, Charlie knows his way through early recovery. Having spent several years in Atlanta focusing on his recovery, Charlie found his home at Purple – a treatment center dedicated to helping those suffering from addictions find relief. With three years of sobriety under his belt and a desire to spread the hope he’s gained, Charlie has joined the Full Life Counseling staff as a part-time Recovery Coach. He meets with individual clients weekly to help them navigate the waters of the 12-step community, set goals, and maintain accountability to their fellow residents. Already, the impact he’s had in his clients’ lives in tremendous!

One client had this to say after she started working with Charlie: “Charlie is a wonderful person – always a smile on his face! (He’s) Super funny and supportive in the coaching session. He’s engaged and asks direct and informative questions. He’s organized and can remember what I say to him even when I don’t. He’s a very positive coach and he’s awesome to have in my life right now to help keep myself afloat.”20150123millsme1DSC_2434-19

We are thankful for Charlie and all of the hard work he’s already put in towards helping our clients succeed in their recovery! To have him on staff is an honor and feels like a demonstration to us that we must be doing something right if Charlie wanted to be a part of our community. Jimmy Tunstall, Counselor at Full Life remarked with hope,”Charlie came to us with great experience with working with young people in early sobriety and an enthusiasm for recovery that is contagious. His kindness, compassion and support of our clients has been an enormous asset to both our clients and our staff. Charlie brings with him a deep understanding of addiction and recovery, and an ability to convey experience, strength and hope with a sense of humor and a joy for living.”

Charlie, we are thankful to have you on board and cannot wait to see all of the ways in which you will continue to impact our community. Thank you for everything you do and know we’re overjoyed to have you as part of the Full Life Family! The best is yet to come!

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