All Full Life clients are eligible for voluntarily monitoring services.

A monitoring program has many benefits for the individual participating in the program, as well as for their loved ones and their support network.

A monitoring program can:

  • Hold the individual accountable for their own actions, while also helping the individual develop responsibility for their own sobriety;
  • Provide assurance to family members, employers or others involved;
  • Help monitored individuals achieve a higher success rate in achieving long term sobriety.

Our Monitoring Program is individualized to provide a combination of the following as requested:

  • Companionship from a recovery coach to attend the first few mutual support groups immediately following discharge from treatment
  • Recovery coaching until sponsorship is established
  • Periodic or continuous alcohol and/or drug testing to verify abstinence
  • Verification of participation in mutual support groups
  • Verification of participation in mentoring by a recovery sponsor
  • Referral to recovery-friendly psychiatric and primary care providers
  • Monitoring of effective medication management
  • Individual, group and family therapy

The goals of Full Life Counseling & Recovery’s monitoring services are:

  • to support and monitor participants in their maintenance of sobriety and mental health care needs,
  • to help the individual achieve specific treatment or life goals,
  • and to help family members, business partners, guardians ad litem and others have confidence that professionals are monitoring early recovery.

The majority of our monitoring clients also participate in our aftercare services following discharge from residential treatment. They agree to monitoring in order to increase the likelihood of achieving sustainable recovery. A small percentage are monitored strictly to verify their abstinence from alcohol during unsupervised visits with their minor children.

Our monitoring services can greatly benefit the participating individual as well as their loved ones and others in their support network. Get started today by contacting one of our professional staff members!

Drug Testing

Drug testing can be a valuable tool to help those affected by alcohol or other drugs. The results of a drug test help everyone know where things stand (regardless of whether the results are positive or negative) and help support ongoing efforts for sustaining abstinence from alcohol or other drugs.

We know that drug and alcohol testing helps those who are abstinent have a way to demonstrate it to those who are doubtful or afraid; helps those who “slip” get honest and back on track faster; and helps provide an incentive to abstain when the temptation arises to experiment with a return to controlled use.

Full Life counselors utilize a variety of tools and technologies to verify abstinence including:

  • Traditional urine drug and alcohol testing
  • Biomarker testing
  • Traditional breathalyzers
  • Sweat patch drug testing (24/7 drug monitoring)
  • SoberLink SL2 devices (24/7 alcohol monitoring)

Fees for monitoring vary according to the number of services, frequency and type of testing, and duration of monitoring. Full Life monitoring contracts vary in duration from six months to five years.