Professional Monitoring Organizations

Full Life is proud to partner with several professional monitoring organizations to help professionals demonstrate their commitment to and success in recovery so they can get back to work with the support of their profession. Full Life currently partners with the:

Although we enjoy excellent collaborative relationships with these organizations, it is important to clarify that the monitoring organization is not our client. We take very seriously the importance of prioritizing the recovery needs and the confidentiality of the individual client.


Individuals in recovery with co-occurring disorders such as mood disorders, anxiety or even insomnia may need ongoing medication as a part of sustaining their recovery. Effective medication management and medication compliance are important tools in recovery that Full Life wants to support.

While we do not have an official Medical Director who works at Full Life, we have a partnership arrangement with Dr. Elizabeth Davis at Psimed in Clemmons, NC and Dr. Robert Finch in Winston-Salem, NC. Individuals who are being served at Full Life are encouraged to identify themselves as Full Life clients when scheduling an initial appointment.

Both Dr. Davis and Dr. Finch are board certified psychiatrists with an effective understanding of the challenges of balancing psychiatric care with recovery. While these are not the only psychiatrists we work with, we have found them to be excellent collaborators who communicate with us regularly and who provide high quality psychiatric care that supports recovery.

Please note that neither Dr. Davis nor Dr. Finch prescribe Suboxone, methadone or Vivitrol. When therapeutically appropriate, we work with Presbyterian Counseling Center in Greensboro for Vivitrol when indicated or prescribed by the discharging program.


Full Life has an established referral relationship with Karen John, LPC at Trinity Center, Inc., a local nonprofit counseling practice just a few blocks from our office. Karen is an EMDR Level II-trained clinician who began applying EMDR as a clinical tool to help those affected by a devastating hurricane in Grenada in 2002. Since then she has continued to expand her training, clinical supervision and application of EMDR to help treat anxiety, chronic depression, big or small trauma and childhood abuse/neglect. Trinity Center is an in-network provider with some insurance companies.

Additionally, Full Life has an established referral relationship with Paul Flores, LCSW, a private practicing EMDR clinician whose office is located in our same building. Paul is an in-network provider with most insurance companies.


Full Life has an established referral relationship with Deborah Benfield and Sarah Cashen Faigle at Body in Mind Nutrition for those with co-occurring eating disorders. Debra and Sarah have an effective understanding of alcohol and drug addiction and the ways in which concurrent eating disorder recovery and addiction recovery can complement or complicate each other. Debra is an in-network provider with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and an out-of-network provider with other insurance companies.

Because of our specialized treatment of those with binge eating disorder and/or food addiction, we frequently partner with Wake Forest Baptist’s Weight Management Program. While Renee Colclough-Hinson, PhD focuses on helping clients understand the core issues associated with their “use” of food to self-medicate and soothe, patients at the WFB Weight Management Program are generally focused on weight loss through dietary prescriptions, surgery or behavioral change support. Wake Forest Baptist is in-network with most insurance companies.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Full Life has an established referral relationship with Dr. Doreen Hughes at Hughes Equine Energy. Those who found great therapeutic benefit with equine assisted psychotherapy during their inpatient experiences can benefit from equine assisted psychotherapy in aftercare. Hughes Equine Energy follows the EAGALA model of care. Equine therapy provides a great complement to ongoing counseling with their Full Life counselor. Dr. Hughes is a board-certified psychiatrist who also receives referrals for psychiatric care from Full Life. Dr. Hughes’ psychiatric practice and Hughes Equine Energy are both out-of-network with all insurance companies.


Full Life has an established referral relationship with Paul Flores, LCSW for individualized DBT counseling. Paul’s office is located in our same building, making it really easy for current Full Life clients to benefit from individualized DBT counseling in addition to ongoing counseling with their Full Life counselor. Paul is an in-network provider with most insurance companies.

Full Life is developing a referral relationship with the UNC-G Psychology Clinic’s 12-week DBT Skills Group for Adults. This group is located in Greensboro and operates on a sliding fee scale.

Sex Addiction

Full Life has an established referral relationship with Wings of Change for those clients who have co-occurring sex addiction. Although Full Life has provided such services in the past, we no longer have an experienced sex addiction specialist on our team, therefore we are grateful for the opportunity to refer to Dr. Bill Amos, Greg Letourneau, Virginia Nelson and Naila Gazale-Lowe at Wings of Change. Some of the services at Wings of Change are reimbursable by insurance, but individuals are encouraged to ask questions and verify coverage in advance.