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At Full Life, we really do strive to bring a steady stream of sources of hope, guidance and support to individuals and families along the journey from fear & despair in the midst of active addiction to hope & joy in recovery. We hope that this blog will provide an ongoing source of information, encouragement and resources beyond what is available on our website and through interactions with our staff.
Please, please, please give us your feedback, your questions and your ideas about helpful content so we can be responsive.
Today, just to kick things off, I thought I’d share the history of the Full Life logo. Any marketing specialist can tell you that a logo is not just a block-filler or art for promotional materials. A logo should convey important aspects of the organization, and ours does just that.
The original Full Life logo was a green tree with a thumb-print for its branches. The thumb-print represented our commitment to individualizing our care and recognizing that everyone’s journey of recovery doesn’t have to look the same. Certainly the green color was chosen because it represents life, and we are committed to the idea that a FULL LIFE in recovery is a life that is growing and diverse and more than just “don’t drink and go to meetings!”
As our organization grew, it was time to “grow up” our marketing and our branding, so we enlisted the help of a real graphic design professional from NC. We try to give our business to those close to home when we can, and Debbie Bailey at logosbydebbie took time to really learn our business and understand the values that are important to us. The new logo incorporates the thumb-print in the leaves, kept our same color scheme, added the bird (which we love, btw!) and pulled it all together with the Full Life name.
So, while some may think a logo is “just a graphic placeholder,” we believe that our new logo represents our values — that life in recovery should be full of hope, joy and growth — that everyone’s journey in recovery doesn’t have to look the same — and that a full life in recovery is one that is “as free as a bird” from the burdens of addiction, fear and despair.
With hope,
The Full Life Team

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